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I've mostly been too busy to deal with anything pony, but I thought I'd take a minute to share this.

Normally I use fairly cheap acrylics for my customs — not quite bottom-shelf stuff, but decent craft quality, like Apple Barrel. A few weeks ago I was at the craft store for something unrelated when I breezed past the paints, then stopped, backed up, and peered at this new section.

I remembered seeing some ads in a magazine for these Martha Stewart brand acrylics, how they were supposed to work on more surfaces, etc. I was curious. I grabbed a bottle of what looked more or less like a good Rainbow Dash color, just to try. I didn't notice that I'd grabbed the satin finish, though honestly I'm not even sure that there is an absolutely matte variety.

It is an absolute pleasure to work with. The paint is creamy and even, and I barely had to add any water to it. It goes on smooth with very little trouble and feels pleasant to the touch once it's dry. Whereas Apple Barrel, Folk Art, and comparable brands have a sort of chalky texture, and the artist-grade tube of white that I have feels almost waxy, this stuff is brilliantly smooth and my fingers feel clean after handling it. It's a bit shinier than a factory pony, but not by very much. It also seems more durable than the other brands I've used.

The best part is the coverage, which is way more thorough than a paint this inexpensive has any right to be. The photo below shows two of my WIPs; although the original bait colors and the paint colors are very different, I looked at these very closely, and the level of coverage is about the same for both at this stage.

But in order to achieve the same kind of coverage as the new Martha stuff, I had to use three times as many coats of the cheaper paint.

So I just found my new favorite brand. I'm not sure how well different colors would blend together for mixing, but once my life settles down and I can work on customs again, this is definitely going to be my go-to paint.

...and I never, ever thought I'd actually go out of my way to recommend anything that has the name "Martha Stewart" attached to it.
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Oh my. My quarterly pony purchase just arrived yesterday. Most of them are baits, one or two are restores, and two are for the collection (one of whom needs a new forelock). I've also fixed G4 Sun Runner's hair, as well as some of my birthday acquisitions. Now if only the sun would come back so I can take some (more/better) pictures.

I've recently learned some interesting things about peroxide fading that have given me more than enough cause never to use it. I'm glad to know this now, because one of the restore ponies has a head-body mismatch that would like some fading.

Other projects... I'm working on a G4-style Moondancer plushie to be sold. The color I ordered for her hair is more purplish than I expected, but I got over my disappointment fast. It looks... regal. Royal. It looks good. The project is sort of stalled for now, until I can get to the craft store for some essentials. I'm waffling on how to arrange the moon and stars for her cutie mark so it looks balanced and not cramped. I might have to appliqué over a seam. >.<

If hadn't sent me the wrong color, I'd be putting together a double-size Derpy Hooves, too. But the correct fabric is already on its way, and they're letting me keep the weird tan color that they sent by mistake, so no complaints here. It's better not to work on too many things at once, anyway. That's a perennial problem for me.
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NEW PHOTOS, 5/7/12

Sun Runner
Year Made: 2012
Base: G4 Fluttershy
Hair: DH Nectarine and Buttercreme; clippings from blank G3
Features: Original base color. NDS side has an older version of his cutie mark, so he's like his own historical document.
Production Notes: I really wanted to give him a turning head, but I cannot for the life of me get the plug back into his head. I tried everything I could think of: sticking objects in the neck hole to stretch it out, carving the neck hole wider with a knife, pliers, vaseline... all I got to show for it was this really painful open wound on my thumb from when the pliers slipped. The head is glued on for now, but it would be easy to pull off again if I decide to try again.

Also, Buttercreme was not the right color to use. Way too pale. I'm thinking Butter Pecan next time.

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Somehow I haven't managed to watch the season finale yet. The DVR failed to record the original airing and the repeats, and my computer has been slow to load YouTube for some reason.


Discord shipped off to his new home on Monday. I'll miss him, but at the same time it's a relief. When I make something with the intention of selling it, then in my head it's never really mine, no matter how much I may want to keep it. The longer he was in my possession, the more it felt like I had borrowed him from someone without asking.

Of course I do have a new stegosaurus friend that I just finished up yesterday to help fill the void. This plushie-making thing? I think I kinda like it. Seems I'm pretty decent at it.

Also: I think I'd like to avoid eBay from now on, at least for selling purposes. There are many dull and frustrating reasons for this, mostly related to the company's increasing unfairness toward non-corporate sellers. It might be time soon to rejoin the Etsy bandwagon. Contemplating possible store names now.

Also also: Birthday! I've got my eye on a couple of underpriced G1s online that I think I'll grab for myself. I haven't gotten new ponies since January and it's begun to grind on my brain in a most uncomfortable fashion.

But today I received a surprise Amazon box sent to me by one of my favorite internet friends, containing a Royal Castle Friends set. Brushable Celestia, you are my new darling! Sometime this week, if I have the time/motivation/memory to do so, I may do a short, photo-heavy comparison piece looking at the unexpected differences between standard molded-hair Celestia from the Friendship is Magic giftset and new brushable Celestia.

Princess, why you always come in gift sets and multi-packs? Or in a huge, fabric-winged, talking version? I'd be all over single-pack brushable Celestias of a normal size. I want to customize one (or several) like you don't even know.

(Unrelated happy note: I have just this moment seen the first hummingbird of the year.)


Apr. 20th, 2012 09:22 pm
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Guess I'm on an OC kick.

I don't usually make unicorns, but Starscrape insisted she had to have a horn. Her cutie mark represents the fact that life is never free of struggle or suffering, even when things are going well. So uplifting, right?

She might be related to Sun Runner.

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I just realized I never gave this guy his own entry. He was completed on March 21, 2012.

His looks a little duller in some of these photos, but the picture above is actually closest to real life. Bright! Sunshiny! Saturated!

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Here's the auction link, if anyone wants to post it all over the internet. *whistles innocently*

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Apr. 11th, 2012 02:00 pm
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I decided I needed an earth pony OC. No wings, no horns, no fancy hair colors or complex symbols. Just a plain-jane pony with hooves.

He has a large organic garden (or a small organic farm) in his backyard where he grows most of his own food, and he runs the local heirloom seed exchange.

And since his name looks like "crapper", he also provides his own manure.

Ref )

I thought about calling him Sprout, but he's too big... or Clover, but it doesn't quite fit... or Copper, but then I keep picturing him as a bloodhound.
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It was so secret, you didn't even know it was happening!

This finally reached completion yesterday, and I've been running around to different spots at different times of the day, chasing the light and trying to grab the best photos for his big day on eBay.

But here's a sneak peak!

Drumroll please )
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Name: Moondancer
Year Made: 2012
Base: G4 Rarity
Hair: Clippings from an original G1 Moondancer
Features: Metallic symbols and irises. Thick gloss coating on eyes.

First completed G4 custom!

Moondancer is Best Pony )


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